People Post brings crowd-sourced couriers to your business

Nic Crowther
Fri 15 Jan

There are no signs that the shared economy is lowing down. Hot on the heels of Uber’s arrival in Australia, there’s a new start-up in town that aims to change the way we send and receive packages.

For anyone who has used ride-sharing services, the concept of People Post is pretty simple. If you need to send a package, fire up the app on your smartphone and list the package size, pick-up point, and place of delivery. Once that’s done, simply wait for a ‘registered runner’ to pick up the job.



Anyone with a bicycle/scooter/car/truck can sign up via the app to be a runner. Using a similar ratings system to other online markets, runners can be rated on their levels of service, and all packages can be tracked in real time.

People Post Co-Founder Wayne Wang sees these as the key ways in which the way the courier industry can be improved. “The rise of sharing economy is rapidly changing the way we use traditional services such as personal drivers and accommodation, and is successful because these services are outdated and don’t answer modern supply and demand needs.



People Post was born from a similar notion, utilising modern technology to provide a fast, reliable, value-for-money solution, eliminating frustrations commonly experienced when using traditional courier services”, Wayne said.

For business, this could be a great way to cut down on postage and courier costs. Anyone looking to reduce their outgoings should certainly at least investigate the benefits of emerging services such as this.



If you’re interested in checking People Post, download the app (iPhone or Android) or have a look at the website for further information. New users can register and receive $15 credit towards their first delivery by redeeming voucher code FIRSTGO.