Is Microsoft now cooler than Apple?

Thursday 27 October 2016
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The Shaker

Is the age of Apple innovation coming to an end? After announcing the first drop in year-on-year revenue for 15 years this week, analysts are concerned as to where the next source of growth might come from.



CEO Tim Cook should also be concerned. This year’s product line-up is limp at best. The iPhone looks essentially the same for the third generation in a row and, while there are some impressive improvements under the hood, it's  difficult to get customers excited about an upgrade (especially when the supply chain can’t even get half the models into the store).



Add to that this morning’s announcement of meagre upgrades to the MacBook line-up (and an eye-artering price between $3700 for a 15" with an i7 chip and 256GB storage), and there is opportunity than ever to take Apple’s mantle as the coolest computer company.

Somehow, is his now Microsoft? This week saw the announcement of a new slew of Surface products that are very focussed on creative applications delivered through products with stunning industrial design.

Sound familiar?



While Apple obsesses over shaving millimetres off the thickness of their devices, the new range from Microsoft is very much interested in catching the attention of creatives - Apple's traditional strength. As an example of their Microsoft's level of innovation, by early next year, users will be able to use a Windows phone to scan an object in 3D, upload it to their Surface computer to be edited in Paint 3D, and then view it in augmented reality (AR) via Hololens glasses.

That’s nuts.



Apple are a long way behind this level of consumer AR development and implementation. As we know, the Cupertino company is typically last to market, albeit with the most polished products, but in 2017, Microsoft certainly has the early running.