Meatless meat a positive disruption

Luke Keioskie
Wed 22 Aug

Interest in alternative proteins is skyrocketing and disrupting the traditional meat industry.

The market for lab grown protein, otherwise known as clean or meatless meat, is exploding, attracting major investment and endorsement.

At the current growth rate, the world’s population will reach eight billion by 2024 and feeding this number of people is a serious concern. 

In addition, the traditional meat industry uses up to 30% of the earth’s arable land, not to mention also creating greenhouse gas emissions, thus posing serious environmental concerns. 

Impossible Foods, a company backed by Bill Gates that promises to make veggie burgers palatable for carnivores, recently secured distribution from top US restaurant suppliers.

Impossible Foods has also raised $273.5m from investors including Google’s venture capital arm, Khosla Ventures and Temasek Holdings. 

In fact, Richard Branson believes that clean meat will fully replace traditional meat in 30 years’ time.

Plant protein is among the fastest growing categories in all of retail, experiencing high double-digit growth. Meat free products are well on the way to achieving a considerable market share. 

Mass meatless meat consumption will disrupt the incumbents that make their money from animal or fish proteins. Meatless alternatives will also compete with cattle farmers and could eventually lead to a reduction in livestock herds.

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