Keep on keeping on

Woman sitting at the gym
Barbara Wilson
Thu 05 Mar

As we head into the bulk of the year, many find it hard to sustain their exercise routines and lifestyles. It becomes all too hard and rigid. We start to feel overwhelmed, resistant and it’s all too much effort. Kids sport is truly up and running with training and weekend games. Work seems exhaustive and no sooner do you finish one project then the next one is ready and waiting on your desk. Meetings, administrative tasks, events, parties, not to mention all the other day-to-day sequenced routines and rosters that need to be done. House chores, dinners, lunches, washing, ironing, gardening…. and all the rest. It's a panoply of stuff. Modern-living is complex. 

I’m writing this piece after having a chat with a regular gym goer recently who told me that she had turned 50 and she was over it and giving up!

‘I can’t do this gym thing anymore, it’s too hard.’ She said. My face dropped!

‘WHY?' Came loudly out of my big mouth! ‘You're amazing, fit, and healthy!’ Was my shocked reply.  I just couldn't understand.

It got me contemplating, why people of all ages give up on exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Exercise has a far-reaching benefit to all parts of our lives. From your mood, health and lifestyle. It surges our metabolism, builds lean muscle to do all those things that we want to do. You sleep better, eat better, appreciate your body and even gain better posture!

There is nothing wrong with living a clean lifestyle. You can still eat your cake, biscuits and drink the champagne at a party (as long as it's not all the time). Consistency is key. 

Yes, it can get boring, you get distracted, preoccupied, absorbed and diverted with so many things happening. Your calendar is bursting at the seams: friends, family and we become mundane, lazy: its all too hard!

Its not easy, I’m the first to admit this.

Remember, its not just about looking good, but being healthy!

Continuing an active lifestyle means less sickness, eating unprocessed foods like fruits, vegies and salads and being creative with your food choices and meals.

We need a boost every morning to start our day and for many our starts are earlier and earlier. Make it a kick start every day.

Challenge the workouts, change routines. Someone had a t-shirt on at the gym recently which read: ‘Abs are made in the kitchen’ - you bet they are. I even saw: ‘Crunch, crunch, crunch NOT munch, munch, munch'. Love it and so true!

Those endorphins are pumping with exercise. Our frame of mind, character, attitude and temperament soars, and energy catapults. Rejuvenation, particularly after a workout is empowering. Confidence builds, we inspire ourselves and others.  No quitting, no stalling, no stopping!

If you need that extra motivation and find going alone is hard, find a Group Exercise class that suits. If you find you're bored, again find another class. Change what you're doing. Try an Interval, HITT, Spin, Boxercise, Circuit or Yoga class: the list is limitless. Remember to keep it fun! Classes are great for group dynamics, comraderie and  support. The journey needs to never be alone.

Consistency is most definitely the key. 

PS my gym mate never quit, she just needed some support - and sometimes we all do.