The jobs board for gender equality

Luke Keioskie
Mon 23 Apr

The only jobs platform which pre-screens employers to ensure they support women’s careers has raised $1 million in their seed round.

The capital raised will be invested in the company’s expansion into international markets, launching WORK180 in the UK and followed by a US launch in 2019.

The platform has flipped the traditional jobs board model on its head, whereby the employers are the ones that are being screened, said Gemma Lloyd, Co-CEO and Founder of WORK180.  

“The investment will help us accelerate the growth of the team and extend our focus on ensuring women globally are able to get the work conditions that enables them to thrive, and employers to prosper with the best possible employees,” Gemma said.

“We established WORK180 by bootstrapping in 2015 and just three years later we are employing 11 full time staff and six part time. In the last three months alone, the number of jobs we have listed have grown 400 per cent.”

WORK180 only lists jobs from businesses that are pre-screened against a set of 20 criteria, including pay equity, flexible working, women in leadership and paid parental leave. Their clients include Atlassian, Microsoft, CommBank, BHP, Caltex, Mercy Health, AustralianSuper, Qantas, NSW Government and Telstra.

It is also the only job site to make this information publicly available to job seekers.

“WORK180 will continue to be the go-to job platform for female job seekers to find work with pre-screened employers with a proven commitment to creating inclusive workplaces,” said Gemma.

“It’s been great to see the progress in workplace conditions we have helped to achieve. Of those companies we pre-screen that do not meet our criteria, 80 per cent will re-apply after they have improved workplace conditions to pass WORK180’s standard. WORK180 raises the benchmark for workplace conditions to the benefit of all staff, as the policies we screen for are required to be gender neutral.

“Australian companies are making steps towards gender equality in the workplace and this latest investment ensures WORK180 can continue to flip the traditional jobs model around, expand globally and champion these efforts on an entirely new scale,” said Gemma.