It seems shoppers are deserting big brands in droves.

Nic Crowther
Mon 22 Jun

If you’re scrounging around the office this afternoon in a desperate search for chocolate, the solution might be to load up at Aldi.

Roy Morgan research has the details on the Australian’s shopping habits – particularly in relation to the big grocery outlets. 

In the Victorian market, Aldi’s market share increased over the last two years to 15.5%- up from 13.3%. Coles had a heavy dip from 36.0% to 31.6% in the same period, and Woollies held firm during the same period. Pretty much the same results were evident in NSW.



These numbers are interesting, in that they demonstrate a desire by consumers to move away from the duopoly towards wither cheaper or more boutique shopping experiences. A strong focus on local produce through co-ops and farmer’s markets certainly accounts for some of the shoppers that avoid the Big Two, but the cut price options of Aldi is certainly gaining attention, especially on the East Coast, where the majority of the German behemoth’s outlets are located.


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Hidden among the fine print is the fact that, increasingly, Australian’s are moving away from big name brands in favour of ‘home brand’ products. A cursory look at the shelves in any Coles or Woolies will show the amount of these items avaialbe on the shelves. While not to quite the level of saturation of Aldi, it’s clear all players are headed in those directions.

It seems probable that the likes of Cadbury, Kraft and Kellogg’s might one day simply be suppliers of product for packaging in home brand wrappers, and that their own product lines could cease to exist altogether.

No one in our office will mind too much - Aldi’s chocolate is delicious!