An ICT career without the lanyard

Sheena Ireland
Tue 08 Aug

Think you need to work in the government to have an exciting ICT career in Canberra? Think again! 

While the Federal and territory governments are making waves with their new technology projects and advanced customer experience systems, our innovative business community is also creating a wealth of ICT career paths, which include working with artificial intelligence, robotics and cutting-edge systems.

Thanks to a partnership between the Australian Computer Society Canberra Chapter and the Australian National University, even more, dynamic ICT projects are being created. The partnership is providing our local community with a high-quality internship programme that matches young ICT talent with businesses looking to innovate and ensure their business is on-point in the digital age.

The first round of the internship programme commenced in July with over a dozen interns being embedded in local businesses including Spinify and iSimulate, to spend 14 weeks (at two days a week) working on ICT projects that provide real-world experience for the student and retained business improvements for the business.

With the ANU attracting some of the best and brightest minds to its ICT courses, and with the business community in Canberra punching above its weight in terms of innovation, the programme and the results and stories that come out of it will no doubt showcase out great town as a key innovation player on the national and global stage.

ACS Canberra will look to broadening the programme in early 2018. Stay tuned for more information and get involved in the upskilling of our students and businesses to continue to grow Canberra’s innovative reputation on the world stage.