How to use digital to your fitness advantage

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Lia Jones
Wed 25 Sep

I’ve been in the fitness industry for 13 years as a personal trainer and one of the biggest reasons I’ve found people can't stick to a healthier lifestyle for the long term is the inconvenience and not having the time.

Our modern life makes us sit – all day. 80% of Australian adults don’t get enough exercise each week. That’s a staggering figure. My approach to fitness is not about just about losing weight, it’s about making my clients healthier. Physically and mentally. Wellness, and the integration of an improved mindset is central to my work. 

The one thing I know from being in the industry is there is no quick fix. Fad diets just aren’t sustainable long term. True change is found in our daily habits, and these alterations need to fit easily into our busy, fast-paced lifestyles, otherwise they fall by the wayside.

Constant connection to the digital world can be challenging. It can be stressful, unrelenting, and it can also lead down the terrible rabbit-hole of comparison. Conversely, it can also be our fitness friend, and I want to show you how to use this powerful tool to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Image based platforms like Instagram and Facebook can lead us towards that terrible thief of happiness: comparison – but they are also great platforms for fitness motivation and inspiration. They can help inspire healthier living – a good startis by following some personal trainers who suit your style and personality. Trainers vary in terms of approach – some might focus on food and nutrition, others on fitness or wellness, and some role the whole package together. If you’re interested in boxing for example, follow a trainer that integrates boxing in their approach. Check out their exercise techniques, their tips and tricks, and be inspired!

Some online trainers that I would recommend include: Move with Billy Slater; activepassion_ale; odetteblacklock; fitfighters_gym; danillodashcreati; anthonyjoshua; fittopia_mediacluv 

Instagram and Facebook can also be great platforms to keep you engaged and accountable. I always recommend that my clients post their workouts, their recipes and meals, and their progress. This might be in a closed group of people or more broadly. The engagement in a community of like-minded people really helps to keep people on track, not to mention the encouragement from family and friend can really keep you firing when you’re having a fitness slump. Don’t worry, they happen to everyone!

Use the internet for your food and diet ideas. There are thousands of websites, blogs, videos and mouthwatering photos to help keep you inspired with your food goals. Changing your diet can be a difficult task, it’s hard to know which foods have the right nutrients, minerals and vitamins - the internet helps you research food and delivers you fantastic healthy menu ideas. Some key websites I would recommend include: MyFitnessPal (to track your daily intake); Pinterest (search your food needs: paleo, low carb, gluten free keto etc); also personally I love Donna Hay and she has some great healthy options!

Not everyone can afford a trainer, or even at times, the gym. If this is you, leverage a platform like YouTube. There are some great YouTube channels and videos that can help you find free workouts and helpful information especially if you’re low on coin or just can’t find the time to make it to the gym. Find a few that you like, keep them on your playlist and any time you want to work out just jump online. 

Similarly, there are some great Fitness Apps on the market, which help influence behaviors and actions for example running apps with a leaderboard feature to show you how you rank against friends, family or even strangers. You can connect online, creating an online fitness community. This is an excellent way to keep you interacting, motivated and on track. 

Some of the apps I would recommend are: new MOVE with Billy Slater AP; Run Keeper; Nike Run Club or Strava; Glo Yoga and Meditation. 

If you’re a gadget fiend - there are some amazing watches on the market to track activities and your daily movement measuring heart rates, calories and distances. With daily motivation reminders and prompts if you’ve been inactive. 

Gadgets aren’t for everyone, but if they work for you go for it. 

I couldn’t live without my: Galaxy Active Watch.

I’ve recently started my Spring 30 day challenge. It focuses on creating a community of likeminded people to provide each-other support and motivation. I arm them with the right recipes, exercises, and wellness techniques to keep them on track. We utilize a variety of platforms to keep connected including Facebook, Instagram and an app. 

If you want to find out more about how you can use digital to augment your fitness routine drop me a line at:  [email protected]


Lia Jones has been a personal trainer based in Sydney since 2006. Her client base varies from elite athletes; actors looking to get in shape for their next big feature; mums and dads; and corporates. She is passionate about educating and inspiring others to lead a balanced lifestyle, maintaining a positive mindset and body. Her core foundational pillar - to motivate others to live a healthy and happy life.