How to spot the next big thing

Luke Keioskie
Tue 17 Apr

Getting one (or several) steps ahead of the competition in business is key, and staying there is imperative to success and survival. 

To do so, businesses and leaders must be at the forefront of the latest trends in their respective industries. In fact, in this disruptive age, they not only need to understand the trends, but need to be the ones uncovering and converting them into winning opportunities, before the competition does.

That’s where The Next Big Thing from Ideas With Legs comes in, a one-of-a-kind masterclass featuring coaching by some of Australia’s top thought leaders, speakers, innovation consultants and CX strategists.

The masterclass aims to help industry leaders recognise disruptive trends ahead of the curve and walk away with a roadmap of how to tackle the one big thing that threatens their company’s very existence.

Nils Vesk, Founder of Innovation Blueprint and event organiser said businesses can’t afford to make the mistake of missing the next big idea.

“Through intimate and interactive workshops, leaders will discover the trends that will impact their industry, their team and their customers, and how they can capitalise on them, fast,” Nils said.

“Guided by leading experts in the key fields of innovation, HR and CX, C-Suite executives and business leaders will uncover the latest innovations generating breakthroughs and disruptive customer experiences.”

The three speakers schooling attendees will be Blythe Rowe, former Senior HR for Bunnings and McDonald’s, and Founder of Human Incite, Paul Carson, former COO of AXA Hong Kong and CX innovation strategist at Ideas With Legs, along with Nils Vesk, a global innovation consultant and Founder of Innovation Blueprint.

Leaders will learn about automated fulfilment and how to create the next bot advancement, what smart tattoos are and how they can revolutionise a business, DNA diets, customisable products, and much more.

Attendees will also discover what the key developments are in terms of people, performance and leadership management and how to utilise these to get ahead.

The masterclass also focuses on CX design, the stuff of the future that makes a huge impact when it comes to differentiation in business and converting customers into a brand’s biggest fans.

The masterclasses will be held in Sydney on Thursday 31 May, Melbourne Friday 1 June and Brisbane Thursday 14 June.

More info and tickets here.