How does your suit measure up?

The Shaker
Thu 29 Jun

A suit that fits to a tee commands attention, no matter what design or style. They’re comfortable to wear, make you look great and leave a lasting impression.

Braddon Tailors specialises in designing and crafting made-to-measure suits for men and women, offering more than 2000 fabrics from the world’s best mills, in all colours, patterns, weights and textures.

The team at BT takes away the risks of buying off the rack and prevents you from wearing a suit that ‘hangs’ rather than ‘fits with flair’. 


So what advice does the BT team have as you consider a new made-to-measure suit? Here are six top tips.


Working environment.

If you operate in a highly creative environment your choices can be out there, especially with patterns and fabrics. If you work in a conservative office you’ll likely favour a corporate look. This doesn’t have to be boring. Let your personal style shine through with a colour buttonhole, fun jacket lining, or peak lapel.

Frequency and cost-per-wear

Think about how often you’ll wear your suit, and choose fabric accordingly. The more you want to wear your suit, the heavier weight fabric you’ll need. Remember that a personalised quality suit is a wise investment. It will last for ages and guarantees excellent value.


Navy and darker greys are highly versatile. They’re traditional so it’s no wonder they’re standard in work offices. If you’re building on an existing wardrobe, consider a new colour palette.


Cold weather requires a heavier weight.  Hot weather calls out for a cool linen or lighter fabric to keep you from looking out of sorts.

Shirts, ties, pocket squares

A white shirt is a staple, but don’t restrict your wardrobe to that. Consider solid colours like baby blue or pale pink and remember that checks and stripes transform your look into something special.

Ties, pocket squares and socks

Silk ties are sensational, but ties, including those from BT’s exclusive Casa Pavone range, come in other fabrics and many colours and patterns. So do our pocket squares and socks. All up this adds personal flair and a sense of adventure to your look.


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