How to convince the boss your startup needs an office pet!

Ramesha Perera
Thu 27 Jun


Australia has one of the highest numbers of dogs per capita in the world, with roughly 40% of households living with one or more and while we know consumers are willing to part with hard-earned cash to pamper their pets, there’s also an argument that having furry friends in an office environment can boost productivity, leading to happy teams and better bottom lines.

Research shows employees love having pets in the office as it puts a smile on faces and boosts office morale. Having pets in the office creates a positive influence on employee culture. Seeing a pet wander around or come up to you, gives an instant calming effect which helps to reduce any anxiety or stress. Pet friendly working environments also have higher levels of collaboration and communication between staff, often acting as an imediate ice-breaker and conversation-starter. 

Employees are happier, which means they are more productive.  It’s also a great excuse for team members to step away from their desk, get some fresh air and take the dog for a walk around the block. This little bit of distraction is often enough to spark a new idea or a different way to solve a problem. 

However, it is good to remember this applies only to well-socialised and well-behaved furry companions. Nobody wants to have a puppy tearing the place upside down and causing all sorts of havoc disturbance.

So before your next WIP, jot down the below to convince your boss the office needs a tail wagging mascot! 


1. Is catharsis and leads to better communication among staff

2. Exercise and convenience

3. Offers work/life balance and mental breaks

4. Provides comic relief and petting therapy

5. Increases culture benefits and setting the tone of the office