How Asia-Pacific consumes media

Wed 10 Jun

From Delhi to Dunedin, Beijing to Ballarat, here's how Asia-Pacific spends their time with TV, internet, newspapers and radio:

Television is huge in Indonesia, but the internet takes up more time in homes across China and Hong Kong, radio rules in Australia and New Zealand, while newspapers are tops in Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand and South Korea, media consumption data from a new Asian Omnibus shows. Roy Morgan Research now surveys across Asia on employment and education, living arrangements and incomes, household item ownership and purchasing intentions, and personal media consumption habits. Data collected throughout 2014 shows that average time spent with different media per week varies greatly across the Asia-Pacific.

Indonesians watch the most television of all countries monitored (29.5 hours a week on average). TV accounts for around 80% of the total 36.8 hours of weekly media consumption in Indonesia, and a large majority also in India* (17.0 of 22.7 total hours with media) and Vietnam* (19.6 of 28.6 hours).

However television is less time-consuming in urban China* and Hong Kong, where citizens average less than nine hours a week in front of the tube—representing only around a third of their total media time, compared with around half on home internet use.

Average Time Spent with Media across Asia-Pacific:

Media consumption in Asia-Pacific

Source: Roy Morgan Research. Media type hours may not add to total due to rounding. * China, India, Vietnam are weighted to Urban populations 14+; all other countries are total population 14+

Home internet consumption remains low in India (an average 1.7 hours a week) and Indonesia (3.5 hours). However radio consumption shows the greatest disparity between countries. New Zealand and Australia lead the way with an average 16.4 and 12.8 hours of weekly radio listening respectively, well ahead of countries with moderate levels of radio consumption, Thailand (5.8 hours), Taiwan (5.7), South Korea (4.5) and Singapore (4.1), with low radio consumption in Indonesia (2.2), Hong Kong (1.9), China (1.8), India (1.3) and Vietnam (only 46 minutes per week).

Time spent with newspapers is comparatively consistent across Asia-Pacific, from a low of 1.6 hours in Indonesia to highs of 4.0 in Taiwan and 3.6 in Singapore. The average Australian or New Zealander spends 2.3 hours a week reading newspapers.