How are you looking after yourself?

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Sharon Schmidt
Fri 24 Jan

Self-care should be your top priority, allowing you to thrive across all areas of your life, particularly via your soul. Without ‘soul’, there is nothing.

When our tanks are full, everything seems possible, but when they're empty we focus on control, and this can lead to burnout, stress, anxiety or depression. If we experience any of these, we can lose sight of our abundant journey: happiness, freedom, laughter and joy.

Effective self-care has a holistic approach, incorporating exercise you enjoy, healthy eating, and self-love. It nourishes and nurtures your authentic self, allowing you to be fully present, more productive, and able to embrace life’s abundance and joy. Lack of self-care, may find you feeling flat, exhausted, overthinking, and probably beating yourself up with negative self-talk!

Taking time to rejuvenate can be seen as selfish, self-indulgent and weak. It may seem unnecessary, even impossible, but by allowing time to nourish and restore your basic needs, you can turn your life around and meet your authentic self. These changes can be free and simple, all you need is commitment to gain balance, abundance and joy back into your life.

Just be you, you are loving, lovable, creative, perfect and worthy of all good. You are enough!

Five simple ways to invest in you

When you change your thinking, you change your life, allowing positive, gentle changes to appear. It releases negativity and you learn to accept control of your thoughts. By retraining your thoughts, you learn to see the good in yourself and everyone around you, this really does allow you to live a life of bliss.

Self-love work transforms your life, loving yourself in a non-egotistical way, it allows you to see yourself differently and you’ll experience life changes. Mirror work is such an amazing gift you can give yourself, it helps eliminate negative self-criticism. Do what you love and be who you love!

Affirmations are positive or negative words and thoughts we say and think subconsciously throughout our day. By consciously changing your thoughts to positive affirmations, you can learn to love yourself and your life more and more each day.

Forgiveness is choosing to forgive yourself, or those who hurt you. Doing this does not say the bad behaviour was okay, it takes back your power and releases oneself from the trap of negative energy, anger and resentment.

Gratitude and appreciation, is about focusing on the good in your life ‘now’. When you put the spotlight on what’s not working, you channel negative energy causing sadness or anger. When you refocus on a wonderful area of your life, it eases the pain. It doesn’t mean ignore what’s making you sad or angry, but a reminder you have a choice where your thoughts are. Even in your darkest moment, try to pull out the smallest things that make you feel happy, such as a beautiful sunset, birds singing, our breathing is a precious gift of life…

Try setting your intention each day before you get out of bed, embrace the ‘attitude of gratitude’ by saying something you are grateful for as soon as your eyes open, then start to do it regularly throughout the day, it’s simple changes like this, that give your life meaning.

Meditation: is a simple activity which requires little effort to do throughout each day. Find a comfortable position, sit or lie, close your eyes and think ‘relax’. You can repeat words or ask a questions such as; what do I need to enhance my life now?  There is no wrong way to meditate, as long as you provide a place to listen to your inner-self, it has tremendous health benefits. You can also journal messages received in meditation.

Sit in a comfy place, close your eyes and take in three deep breaths, breathing in love, abundance, good health and happiness (feel the air coming from your stomach area), hold, and count to five and release your sadness, misery, anger, or fear. Well done, you have just meditated!

Always remember to be gentle, kind and patient with yourself as you learn new ways of just ‘being’. Being happy, being strong enough to ask for help when you need it, and most importantly, being your own best friend.

Are you ready for an amazing 2020? This year is going to be a fabulous year, filled with even more laughter, joy and wealth. Aim for a happier healthy year filled with lasting changes. 

You can join our 25 day Self-Care Challenge starting 24 February 2020, aimed to keeping you motivated, supported and up-to date with many different self-care activities.



About Sharon

Sharon is the ‘Hugging Intuitive’, she accepts responsibility for being the creator of her life and is a practical, free-spirited soul who speaks from the heart. 

Sharon is professional Psychic/Medium, she is also a certified and licensed Heal Your Life® (HYL) Workshop Leader, Teens Facilitator and Coach, authorized by Hay House, Inc., and approved by Louise Hay. She is also a certified and accredited Meditation Teacher, Holistic Counsellor and Coach (Cert.Med.Hol.Couns). Sharon is a member of International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) and the International Meditation Teachers & Therapists Association (IMTTA).

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