Have you illegally downloaded 'The Dallas Buyer's Club'?

Nic Crowther
Fri 19 Jun

Despite the best efforts of iinet, it seems that people who downloaded Dallas Buyer’s Club are getting their letters in the mail.



Mashable has the scoop. The interesting part of the letter involves the following paragraph:

As a result of these investigations, Maverik Eye has identified a number of Internet Protocol addresses (IP Addresses) that have been used to illegally upload the Film for other users of the BitTorrent Network to illegally download. Maverik Eye has identified the IP Addresses from where pirates are illegally uploading the film.

So are they focusing on those who leave torrent files open for upload? Or will downloaders – who upload by default while creating their own copy of the file – be in the firing line as well?

If you’re waiting for your letter to arrive, or just simply interested in what recipients are in for, here’s the full text.

Draft Letter to Account Holder by mashablescribd