Happy Hour: It's gin time!

Nic Crowther
Fri 18 Nov

Gin is beautiful. Gin is British. Gin can be improved by the addition of emu poo.

Two of these three facts are irrefutable. The final one may take some convincing, however Hendricks are keen to give it a crack, with an interesting initiative that is attracting attention among Australia’s boozers.



After taking the gin world by storm, there was little chance that Hendrick’s is going to mess with its mix of botanicals. The crisp mix of coriander, rose petals and lemon peel (among others) have made the drink famous. No, it’s the drink’s favourite garnish – the cucumber – that undergoing an antipodean makeover. 

After months of creating and cultivating a world-first, the Unusually Australian Cucumber has now been grown to perfection and harvested for our enjoyment.



These humble cukes has been grown in a mix of emu poo, yabby shells and Simpson Desert soil in Cobbitty, NSW, under the watchful eye of University of Sydney and Abundant Produce experts.

All this effort needs to be enjoyed by the punters, and Hendrick’s will be hosting promotional parties across Australia. You can sign up via their Facebook page to keep up-to-date on the launch.



We just hope we can get an invitation to see what it tastes like in a martini. Repeatedly. Preferably just after lunch.