Great news - both home and abroad!

Friday 15 April 2016
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If you’re an ACT resident – be it an employee or business owner – then it seems there is every reason to be happy. Across the board, Canberra’s numbers are looking good in a broader economic landscape that appears less than optimistic.

Employment numbers

Yesterday, Governments across the country crossed their fingers in anticipation of the latest job rates. The good news is that Canberra has proved to be the best of the bunch, with a jobless rate of just 4.3% - one of the best across all states and terrirotries.



The current figure is 1.3 points below the national rate, and 0.7 points under what is considered ‘full employment’. However, as good as that sounds, it’s nowhere near the historical low of 2.6% from February 2008, thanks to an expanded Public Service under the Howard Government.

Still, 4.3% is a very healthy number – particularly for a Government only six months out from an election.


Australia Week in China Singapore

With the recent announcement of direct international flights to Singapore, the subsequent trip to the island state by Chief Minister Andrew Barr and 30 Canberra businesses.



A key partnership is the The Canberra International Support Network - an initiative of the Canberra Business Chamber (CBC) initiative for Canberra businesses to share knowledge and opportunities. The first Canberra International Support Network will focus on Singapore, with other trade partners to follow.

It will enable those wanting to use direct flights as a springboard to export to Singapore to learn from those Canberra businesses that have already been successful. 



The road-trip continues – this week as part of Australia Week in China. We’ll be back soon with an update of the goings-on from the Canberra’s trade delegation.