The great new way to have your say

Luke Keioskie
Fri 08 Dec

What will be the next big Instagram app to go viral? These Aussie boys may just have it!

Daniel and Rob didn’t know what they were getting themselves into when they designed a couple of mobile gaming apps, just for fun. More than 10 million downloads later, success lead to inspiration, and the idea for ClearPoll was born.

ClearPoll’s aim is to revolutionise the way we share our opinion on the internet, whether it’s for a cause we’re passionate about or just for fun.

Using breakthrough blockchain technology, ClearPoll puts an end to inaccurate or heavily censored public opinion data while at the same time creating a platform for live polling, with an audience outreach that has never been seen before.

“In recent times we’ve noticed that public opinion is being skewed, misrepresented or just plain hidden by much of the media,” ClearPoll co-founder Daniel Abela said.

“ClearPoll is not only for serious topics, it’s great fun too. Users can vote on everything from human rights to entertainment to sports, and much more. We’ve opened up public opinion polls to anyone with a smartphone and an opinion.”

The ClearPoll app lets users watch live polls, participate in live events, view interactive polls, and find valuable market information from a decentralized source.

 The official app launch is coming in May 2018.