Great jobs if you're sick of other people

Nic Crowther
Thu 13 Oct

Are you having a bad day? Is every little phone call driving you nuts, making you want to close the door and hide from the world for the rest of the day?

It happens to the best of us.

The Australian Financial Review is here to help, happily compiling a list of jobs that are suitable for anyone that truly hates other people.

The article includes some ogreat examples. Here's what we'd pick, and why we'd sign up:


Mine shuttle car operator
It’s dark, noisy and you could never get lost.

Geological sample-test technician
In a lab with headphones and a bunch of pet rocks.

Aircraft mechanic or service technician
Imagine a giant shed with only one or two other people inside



Judicial law clerks
Late and lonely nights with one of those green desk lamps for company

Poet, lyricist, or creative writer
Sit in a field with a notebook (or well-charged iPad)

Spreadsheets are really interesting… honestly. Hey, w-where are you going?




You, a hammer and the endless expanse of the Australian landscape.

Political scientist
You’re the person no one wants to sit next to at a dinner party (so you are never invited)

Have you ever seen two people looking through a telescope?



Head over to The Fin for the full list (including average wages and their clearly-made-up sociability scale). It’s a great way to waste time if today makes you want to chuck it all in.