Grab your surfboard! A classic is due to return!

Nic Crowther
Mon 21 Aug

The VW Microbus Kombi is back!



Finally, after the appearance of a concept at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show led to six years of speculation, the German giant has confirmed the vehicle will appear in 2022.



The (cough) Microbus will be part of the five-vehicle line-up dubbed iD. Built on the upcoming Modular Electric Drive (MED) platform, the range will be entirely electric.



The first vehicle to appear (in 2019) will be a four-door city car that looks like a modern version of the Golf.



Still to follow is a crossover, a saloon and a sportscar. Details of these vehicles are yet to be released.



But as for the Kombi, if you’ve dreamed of throwing off the shackles of modern life, digging out the surfboard and heading off to parts unknown*, then this might be the way to do it*.



*Or perhaps the nearest available charging point.