Find partners outside the walls of your business

Tuesday 19 June 2018
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The Shaker

To achieve business success today, organisations need to foster partnerships and build the best teams across organisations and countries, not simply within the walls of a business.

As is said continuously across industry and business pages today, organisations must innovate or perish if they want to remain relevant and profitable, and create meaningful change in our modern world.

Global enterprise cloud data management leader, Informatica, knows that investing in partnerships, training and empowerment brings success.

The Australia–New Zealand arm of Informatica (headquartered in Sydney) is thrilled to increase its ability to foster partnerships and empower partners to succeed with the announcement of a new global event program, known as Elevate.

Elevate is a world-class event that takes the company’s partner program to a new level of enablement by bringing together members of their executive team, technical experts and regional sales to provide partners with expert hands-on training and tools to upskill and reskill their sales, pre-sales, and customer success teams.

The Elevate conference events also provide the opportunity for partners to satisfy the Informatica Partner Program accreditation requirements.

The Asia–Pacific Elevate conference event will be held in Bangkok in early July. More details here.