Fashfest on sale for 2016

Friday 12 August 2016
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Co Editor
The Shaker

It's happening this morning. At 10.00am tickets went on sale for the capital’s biggest annual red-carpet event that reteurns to the runway from Thursday 29 September to Saturday 1 October.

FASHFEST 2016 is more than a fashion show, for those of you who don’t wiggle with excitement over the latest fashion designer collections. It’s a great social night out that celebrates so much of CBR’s talent—talent we should all yell about from the rooftops. Music talent. Filmmaking talent. Hair and makeup talent. Photography talent. The list goes on and on.



FASHFEST will always have a cutting-edge spirit. It’s up there with the best fashion shows Australia has to offer and this year more than 40 designers, from the capital and beyond, will have 140 glam models bring the fruits of their labour to life. That includes favorite labels that return every year to wow us with their creativity and new labels appearing for the first time.

For Clint and Andrea Hutchinson, who co-founded FASHFEST four years ago, the event is here to stay. It’s achieved a great deal since it burst on to the scene in 2013. Perhaps the most important is putting the capital’s creative talent on the stage for all the world to see.



‘Before FASHFEST, Canberra was the only capital city in Australia that didn’t have its own fashion show,’ says Andrea. ‘It was unbelievable and we thought it wasn’t good enough. Each year we grow and get better. Each year we learn so many more lessons and I hope that never stops.’

But back to tickets. Hop online to get yours before the best-of-the-best are swooped up.

If you’re a front-row-kind-of-a-person, FASHFEST offers VIP seats for $135.00 ($185.00 including a pretty cool guided backstage tour, where you get immersed in all the buzz and even get a lesson or two on model-walking). Platinum seats are $100.00 (or $150.00 with that cool tour). Gold is $69.00 and Silver $49.00. Check out www.fashfest.com.au for what you get for each price point and for deals like group bookings and two-show packages.



Co-founder Clint Hutchinson says he can’t get enough of the social side of FASHFEST.

"It’s fantastic to hang out near the media wall and watch people get snapped, see the champagne flow, watch people socialising, listen to the live music and watch the original films that the event puts on with each segment,’ says Clint. ‘I love fashion, don’t get me wrong, but the other creative elements that go into FASHFEST give me just as much of a buzz."

Each year, FASHFEST is curated around themes, making sure each show is distinct and has its own personality. This year’s themes are Reverie, Furore, Praxis, Limina, Spectra and Singularity. "There’s a theme for all ages and interests," says Andrea. "Reverie, for example, is about exploring fashion for its beauty, brilliance and sensation. Furore explores fashion as visual art, for its thrill and spectacle."



FASHFEST 2016 will be held at the National Convention Centre Canberra (check out their new website) with the space transformed into something spectacular by Canberra’s Darren Russell of Elite Event Technology. You won’t believe you’re at the Centre. Trust us. We’ve been there.

Tickets for FASHFEST 2016 are available through www.fashfest.com.au  Check out the website for details on each theme, the designers, musicians and filmmakers. Then hop online and get booking.