Editorial: The business of booze

Monday 17 July 2017
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Co Editor
The Shaker

Booze. It’s almost an intrinsic part of Western culture.

Although, over the years, there has been a dramatic change in the way we consume alcohol, it still remains a vital part of our business and social life.

We celebrate a big win with a bottle of champagne and a night out. We treat ourselves to a glass of wine after work or a special bottle during a restaurant meal in recognition of our hard work and dedication.



It has long been said that if all drugs and alcohol were banned tomorrow, by Saturday people would be spinning around in their front yards until they fell over. As a result, booze has become a big business in itself.

There are tens of thousands of jobs tied up in the production, distribution and consumption of alcohol. For some it is an obsession that requires thousands of dollars to acquire the most rare and sought-after editions. For others, it is an obsession that requires thousands of dollars to acquire as much alcohol to be consumed as quickly as possible. Across all spectrums, there are few of us untouched by the industry.

This week, we’ll be talking to people involved in all parts of the supply chain.



In Canberra, the craft beer and spirit scene has grown alongside the rest of the country. There are now some serious gins and whiskies available, as well as four local beer brands. The local wine industry continues to go from strength-to-strength with some of Australia's best reds grown in the region.

And the venues that serve them are changing. In 2017, the city centre has plenty of options for a first-class experience. Bars are now mush more sophisticated with a focus on surprising and delighting customers with an intelligent offering that is well beyond ordering, “the usual, thanks.”

More than ever, heading to a bar now involves questions, conversations and adventures to take full advantage of the various offerings. This week we will be asking plenty ourselves (and maybe sampling a few tipples for ourselves…)

Nic Crowther
Co-editor, The Shaker