Cutting Through: The Success of Braddon Tailors

Nic Crowther
Fri 04 Dec

Why would you buy yourself a bespoke suit? After about 30 minutes in Braddon Tailors, we had to ask ourselves “Why wouldn’t you invest in something that looks so good?”

Since launching as Braddon Tailors in 2012, it’s been a meteoric rise for the local artelier. Pip Morgan has built a strong reputation for the label since a stunning debut at Fashfest in 2014.

“It’s been amazing since then,” says Pip. “Plenty of Canberrans don’t know we exist, but for those that are really interested in fine clothes, then we’re getting some really strong cut-through in the market.”



“That was really important., but we also were forced to really focus on what Braddon Tailors was going to represent. We needed to know what actually defined us, and the immediate attention following that show was the catalyst for that change.”

Intriguing. Especially since the product looks so polished, and the collections presented at the 2014 and 2015 Fashfest shows had such a cohesive look.



“True,” says Pip, “but we really hadn’t nailed down what the defining style was going to be. Now we know and it’s a soft silhouette that really reflects who Australians are: relaxed, comfortable, but aware of their place in the world.”

While some of the Sydney and Melbourne tailors are looking to the English and Italian styles that are, respectively, more conservative and militaristic, or cut a little tighter.”



The real beauty of a Braddon Tailors suit is that it is designed to be dressed up and down. You can put one of the jackets over a pair of shorts and head to a barbeque, or throw on the pants and a tie and head off to a meeting. That way you get a lot more out of your investment.

Now, the business is expanding, with a new store looking likely in Adelaide (there are already over 200 South Australians on Braddon Tailors’ books). It flies in the face of the common belief that online is the only place to sell. “With our store manager, Aiden, looking after customers we’ve been able to provide a strong sense of service that you simply can’t get online.”



This year, Pip and Canberra colleague Johnathon McFeat launched an accessories line. Casa Pavone provides the same attention to detail as Braddon Taoilors, but with an off-the-rack immediacy that can be grabbed to at the finishing touches to any outfit for any occasion.

Think of belts, pocket squares and boutonnieres that bring the old-world charm with a contemporary twist to Braddon Tailors’ modern cuts. Jonathon is particularly enthusiastic about the brand and its potential. “The fabrics, as you would expect, are high quality and the designs are unique. They’re pieces that make a statement about who you are as a person.”



The aim of Casa Pavone is to compliment Braddon Tailors, but the boys have a unique strategy for expanding their offering. “Firstly, we’d be very careful about where we range Casa Pavone,” says Johnathon, “But would also design a specific range for them to make sure that what was stocked matched the style of the store. That makes it meaningful to the customer.”


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