Coopers Brewer's droop continues

Wednesday 15 March 2017
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Co Editor
The Shaker

Oh dear. It seems that no matter what Coopers does, the family-owned brewery is destined to cop a hammering.

Early on Tuesday evening – four days after social media sites blew up like a dropped stubbie, the company finally managed to put some executive clout behind its response The Bible Society snafu.



As we observed yesterday, Coopers had spent 72 hours trying to walk both sides of the street in a desperate attempt to appeal to its progressive base of customers, while enforcing what certainly looked to be a very traditional set of company values.

It wasn’t working, and by late yesterday, news sites displayed photos of vandalised Coopers signage and statements from prominent pubs that the product would no longer be available.

A proud company with 150 years of history was being trashed in a matter of days.



Clearly in crisis mode, and clambering to put together some kind of response, a heavily scripted apology was read from an autocue by Melanie and Tim Cooper (both senior executives within the company) with a wooden delivery reminiscent of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s dog-related performance of 2016.

As you can imagine, the internet had a field day. Fair enough, too. The 90 second video is so clunky it could have been delivered by any of the graduates from The Department of Finance.



The video finishes with Melanie Cooper speaking of passion and warmth – two things certainly missing from the statement. While many in Coopers’ key demographic will welcome the company’s emphatic support of marriage equality,