Company that's a part of Canberra's fabric

Tue 24 Apr

For more than half a century, one Canberra business has been locally manufacturing concrete pavers that are today part of the city’s very fabric.  Their work can be found in landscapes across the Territory, ranging from private homes to commercial centres, apartment buildings and even new light rail platforms.

Bink Cement Pavers and Precast Products has been family owned and operated for four generations and its current management includes John, Cecil and David Bink.

As a business whose owners call the ACT home, Bink is committed to creating local jobs and opportunities. Not only does it make its pavers and products in the ACT, but it sources its materials from the Canberra region.

“We are the only business of this type manufacturing here in the ACT,” John said.

“Seventy per cent of all our products are produced here in Canberra and the rest we resell from other manufacturers from the surrounding region.”

This commitment to the Canberra community extends to the company’s environmental innovations. By manufacturing locally, Bink has a reduced carbon footprint due to its limited transport requirements, 100 per cent of waste water is recycled back through the production line, and 50 per cent of electricity used for manufacturing comes from solar panels on the roof of the factory.

Perhaps the most important benefit of Bink’s long-term connection to the ACT is its understanding of the developing urban environment.

“Over the years we have produced pavers and products in colours and sizes we know are popular with Canberrans,” John said.

The attractive look of the Gungahlin town centre is anchored on a paver created by Bink called Cooma Blue. The same pavers will now be used to tie in the new Gungahlin light rail platform with the rest of the marketplace.

“Pavers are very practical for large scale projects like Gungahlin because unlike other landscaping options they can be easily and cheaply lifted up and laid back down when access to services is required. You don’t need to jackhammer out large sections, making a mess and shutting down areas for extended periods of time. As a result, pavers have been embraced for commercial products in other cities and around the world.”

Bink Pavers and Precast Products looks forward to seeing more of its products utilised around the city as it continues to develop and grow.

“We are very pleased to see our pavers in the light rail platform design in Gungahlin,” John said. “We hope to be involved in other aspects of this project as it progresses.”

Source: Canberra Business Chamber