A cleanup phenomenon sweeping the world

Ramesha Perera
Mon 06 May

Known as #trashtag, the trend has sparked a cleaning movement that has encouraged millions of people to take charge of cleaning up everything from their local beaches and parks, to littered outback paths or their own streets. 

Empowered by the movement, one Australian company has innovated a way to showcase how one local business can make a world of difference.  

Intrepid Cleaning is a commercial cleaning company in Perth, specialising in tidying up businesses, schools, shops, gyms, and more. The company is known for its eco-friendly approach to cleaning services, using only bio degradable cleaners on-site with their clients. 

In support of the #trashtag movement, Intrepid Cleaning owner Patrick Elliott wanted to see if his company could also help make a difference — and raise awareness not only about his company’s environmentally focused mission — but also about keeping and maintaining public spaces in Perth cleaner and more appealing to the people using them. 


“I came from being an office worker myself, and I saw firsthand how poorly many professional environments and offices were cleaned and maintained. It seemed like the cleaning companies in charge were more interested in getting away with cleaning as little as possible and just make quick money. So, I saw an opportunity — in providing thorough and detailed cleaning to businesses, schools, and other non-private facilities.  As an added edge, I wanted to make my new company focused on the environment as well, making the choice easy to go with only eco-friendly and bio-degradable cleaners and supplies. Our clients love us for it.” — Intrepid Cleaning founder, Patrick Elliott. 


Starting 3 May, the company now offers a free spring cleaning of your Perth office or commercial building if you show that you and your team cleaned a public space. Participation works by gathering your co-workers or employees together — then finding a beach, park, or oval in need of cleaning up. Then, fill up at least one or more large garbage bag. 

Take both a before and after photo of the area your team cleaned up, and then post them on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube). Make sure to include the hashtag #trashtag and tag Intrepid Cleaning in your post. 


After posting and tagging the cleanup results online – Patrick says a representative from Intrepid Cleaning will reach out and arrange for the free cleaning of your office or commercial building. “We believe in giving back”, explained Patrick. “If we can make a difference by helping our community when the community is showing willingness to help itself — that is a win-win situation. We all end up with a cleaner, safer world”. 

The company is also in the process of partnering with a local eco-charity. The goal with that will be to donate a portion of every invoice coming in to Intrepid and giving back to support environmentally-centric initiatives in Perth. 

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