Cheers to new jobs in beer!

Thursday 25 January 2018
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The Shaker

Changing consumer tastes (literally) and a growing emphasis on quality liquor are driving growth in the craft beer production industry.

IBISWorld has identified the industries that will provide the strongest employment growth over the next five years, with craft beer production joining such industries as data storage services, aquaculture, preschool education and delivery services as the boomers for 2017-18. 

Senior Industry Analyst James Thomson said the craft beer industry’s nationwide expansion is expected to boost industry employment by 9 per cent.

The industry's future prospects are promising. Consumers are anticipated to continue opting for premium and craft beers, particularly small, seasonal batches with a local or regional focus.

Exports of craft beer are also projected to grow strongly over the next five years, as demand from Asian markets strengthens. Overall, industry employment is forecast to increase at an annualised 3.8% over the five years through to 2022-23.  

Because many craft brewers do not have the capital to invest heavily in equipment, craft brewers rely more on labour than traditional beer manufacturers. In addition, many industry operators prefer to work more with labour functions to differentiate the product from mass-produced beer.

The analysis also found the demand for professionals with advanced degrees is expected to rise, and more employees are likely to upskill or reskill to satisfy growing employer requirements for knowledgeable staff.