Change Your Mode for March!

Fri 12 Feb

We live in a pretty specky city when it comes to being able to actually breathe. No industry. No smog. No need to wear face masks. Skies that are true blue.

But don’t be fooled. Canberra needs to deal with emissions from the transport sector if we’re to keep our darling capital a pristine place to live.



Actsmart, an online hub that helps us create a more sustainable future in the capital, knows full well that we all need to act on transport emissions. To get us focused and motivated—or kindly kick us in the pants—Actsmart has introduced a new initiative called “Change your mode for March.”

Let’s quickly set the scene. While the ACT is leading the nation and on track to meet its 90% renewable energy target by 2020, transport is one of the highest emitters of greenhouse gases in Canberra. So Actsmart challenges us to change our mode of travel for March by parking your vehicle and walking, cycling or taking the bus instead. It will reduce emissions, save you money on petrol, parking and more, and even help your health.



‘Change your mode for March’ is a self-nominated challenge. It’s easy, and free so there’s really no excuse.

Register as an individual or gather the team together ( Head to the website each week and record your number of kilometres of active travel (free phone apps will do the work for you). The website calculates the number of emissions you’ve saved. There’s a leader board and even a few prizes up for grabs.



The key is to register by the drop-dead deadline of 29 February (5.00pm).

Do as much as you can on as many days as you can (again, no excuses), and that includes making sensible decisions like walking a block to the shops instead of taking the car.



So get on board, Canberra! Put on your walking shoes, grab your bike, hop on a bus and get active with your travel. And then breathe.