The Carrera Connect: The smart watch you might actually buy

Nic Crowther
Tue 10 Nov

The smartwatch battle continues and, as expected, it’s very much Google v. Apple. However, traditional watch wearers will be excited by the arrival of Tag Heuer’s first foray into the field. All of a sudden the fashions stakes have been raised.

As the current market leader, Apple’s watch is very much in keeping with their current design language and the Cupertino giant’s idea of a smart watch is simple, elegant and understated. Tag Heuer has taken a decidedly different approach by using an existing classic – the Tag Heuer Carrera – and stripping out the mechanical guts to be replaced with a whole lot of ‘ones and zeros’ and Google’s Android operating system.



Volumes have been written about the current state of Android Watch OS, so we won’t delve into it here, but have a look at the video and gallery below and cast your eyes across what might signal a whole new direction for a product segment that has been very geek-centric up until this point.



There’s no set release date for Australia, but the melbourne boutique says they expect an Australian release either later this mornth or early in December, The price for the Carrera Connect is $2,000 and it will come in a range of colours. That puts it in the league of top end Apple Watch (not the Sport or the Edition). A 42mm with a stainless steel case and black stainless link bracelet will set you back just over $1,600.00.

The Apple Watch:  38mm and 42mm with satianless steel in black.