Canberra's Coffee Guru looks to further expansion

Nic Crowther
Tue 14 Jun

Before single-origin-cold-drip-civet-driven coffee, Coffee Guru introduced the take-away coffee culture to Canberra.

Established in 2002, (as Guru Coffee!) the Canberra franchise was apparently started because owner Dean Crowe saw a gap in the market for a loccally-owned chain of coffee shops. Flash forward to 2016, and the company has 30 stores across NSW and the ACT, with an eye to continue that expansion.



Much of that growth will be the responsibility of Daniel Gallo, who has been appointed General Manager of the coffee company. Mr Gallo has 25 years’ experience in corporate and franchise business, and was previously CEO and GM of Degani Café (79 stores throughout QLD and Victoria) and National Operations Manager of Coffee Club (with more than 350 stores across Australia).



In his newly appointed role, Mr Gallo said he would focus on business development, operational excellence and brand strategy of the franchise which already has a presence in NSW and the ACT.

“I’m incredibly excited by the opportunity to join an Australian-owned company and work towards the expansion of Coffee Guru,” Mr Gallo said.



“Since we opened, Coffee Guru has been growing sustainably and our first locations still in operation today. I envisage continued growth into new markets with a wider menu choice, to complement our market-leading coffee.”



While the majority of coffee stores are small, independently run operations that specialise in unique brews, Australians still look for chains to provide consistency and convenience without the fuss of more boutique retailers.

Interestingly, these customers almost universally rejected US giant Starbucks for local franchises such as The Coffee Club and Gloria Jeans. It is in this market that Coffee Guru should find opportunity for growth.