Canberra takes actions towards a sustainable future

Ramesha Perera
Fri 19 Jul

The Renewables Innovation Hub will partner with Energy Lab to bring together the minds of organisations, businesses, students, government and the community to instigate the first Renewables Showcase in Canberra.

Event organiser, Alethia Barceinas is all too aware of the urgency to commit to tackling climate change.

A sustainable future is only achievable by coming together with a common purpose. Public sentiment towards taking action is strong and it is not exclusive to either private or public support but if we want to stay in the momentum, it is up to each one of us to participate and rise up to the challenge.

The annual event will include workshops, panels, seminars, exhibition, performance and, of course, a showcase displaying the best and most innovative projects in the ACT and Australia working towards clean technology.

Distinctive members of the community such as the Deputy Director-General, Sustainability and the Built Environment Geoffrey Rutledge, former Deputy Chief Minister Simon Corbell, Smart Energy Council's CEO John Grimes, Bioenergy Australia's CEO Shahana Mckenzie and Tesla Owners Association Australia, among others will be speaking at the event. While Chief Minister Andrew Barr will be conducting closing remarks.

Following the showcase, Energy Lab will kick off with their already famous Clean Energy Hackathon (26-27th July). No coding skills required, just the enthusiasm to work through some challenges with the help of mentors.

The ACT is a leader in renewables and clean technology in Australia but this an opportunity to work together and reshape our future, co-organiser Walkiria Pérez said.

Last year Australia achieved the highest level of electricity generation from renewable sources and investment went through the roof, with 100% increase in large-scale energy projects from $10 billion in 2017 to $20 billion in 2018 and 14.5 gigawatts of energy generation committed.

This rise does not only have implications in quantity but also in quality, with wind and solar projects being built more efficiently than ever before. But more work is needed to stablise the industry and make renewables an integrated part of business and life moving forward.

Which is why organisers are calling on participation from community members and private and public sectors alike to act now and ensure outcomes from the venture are a success.

For further information about the event or to register yourself or your organisation check out their events page.