Canberra start-up is the perfect fit

Thursday 4 February 2016
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Co Editor
The Shaker

There can be no doubt about it – online shopping is here to stay, and one of the sectors that has been greatly impacted by this shift is fashion. With a comparatively strong Aussie dollar over the last ten years, we’ve flocked to ASOS, as well as local retailers BNKR, boohoo and The Iconic.

However, the biggest problem is always a matter of fit.



What if there was a way to ensure that what you ordered was made to order and fit your shape… every time? That’s the idea of, a new Canberra start-up with big plans to stake out a claim in the rapidly expanding world of online fashion.

While an Australian first, the concept is simple (and familiar to any man who might have purchased a tailored suit). The website walks you through the process of taking your own measurements (hint: do it a couple of times to be sure) and these`are emailed to the online store to be kept on file.



After that, all you need to do is browse through the site and decide what you like!

“Our goal is to bring amazing made to order fashion to the mainstream at fair affordable prices,” commented Destined Australia’s founder, Chan Peiris. 



‘Fair’ is an interesting word. How can clothes be made-to-order cheaply, quickly, and with delivery, while avoiding sweatshops and unsavoury production methods.

Well, Ms Peiris is Sri Lankan, and her mother, still a resident of Sri Lanka, has 20 years of tailoring experience, and utilises her experience and networks to produce the garments. So, not only can we support an Australian business, but also one that operates in a family environment with ethical outcomes.



“Our company offers women a chance to express their individuality in what they wear, by providing a perfect fit regardless of their body type.  For the first time, a woman can order her fashionable clothing choices online and not have to worry about exchanges, returns, things being too tight or too large – it's all custom made to her expectations.  It's a better way to deliver value to our customers and establish lasting relationships.”



So, now you can buy local and enjoy the perfect fit! That’s something everyone can get on board with.

However, from a business point of view, it will be interesting to monitor the progress of to see how well it performs in the global fashion market.