Canberra couple hits the juice - big time!

Nic Crowther
Tue 04 Aug

Yesterday, we reported on OntheGo Sports – a Canberra company that had signed a lucrative contract with Jason Dundas and David Jones to produce a range of men’s activewear. It was a great win for local entrepreneur.

It seems the health and wellness sector is a strong one for the region with Fix Juices recently announcing they’re expanding their range to better suit cafes and restaurants. Fix owners Jovan and Lucianne have had great success over the last 18 months with their quick 475ml grab’n’go drinks. Now, the small company has developed five litre casks that can sit on a shelf in a fridge and dispense single serves in any portion size you might decide.



Primarily, these packages are designed for commercial outlets. The beauty for café and restaurants is that, after purchasing the product from Fix, there is no requirement to use their branding. You can rebrand the juice to suit the theme of your venue or choose a name that will attract customers’ attention when they see it on your menu.

This is a premium product, and isn’t cheap, so many businesses looking to invest in a new product is going to be concerned about shelf-life. Fix Juice has addressed this problem by using High Pressure Pascalisation (HPP) – a technique that uses pressure to prevent the activation of certain enzymes and microorganisms within food. While it all sounds very technical, it is very natural – HPP is the best way to preserve fresh juice without the need for any additives.



As a result, the juice will last in the fridge for up to four week. This is perfect for hospitality outlets looking to fully realise their investment, or offices that want to provide a healthy incentive for their staff.

This is a great example of how local companies can work together to provide broader economic benefits for the region: Canberra cafés selling Canberra juice. We love it, and it’s just another reason why we’re well on the way to being the world’s coolest little capital.