Businesswomen say it's time for the femeconomy

Sheena Ireland
Mon 05 Feb

In an age where 85 per cent of purchase decisions are made by women, it is baffling that gender equity in leadership is not increasing.

In advertising, we still see too few women in creative director positions, or even on creative teams, meaning ads targeted at consumers are largely made with creative direction led through a male lens. While I know and respect many amazing men in communications, advertising and marketing, I can’t wait for the day our industry gains gender equity. Imagine how a business’s or industry’s marketing efforts could improve if a female lens was added and an ad campaign completely resonated with the women who make the purchasing decisions.

We can’t deny that gender equity would not only improve our ads, the impact would improve our national economy. It’s time for the ‘Femeconomy’ – a term coined by the dynamic duo of Jade Collins and Alanna Bastin-Byrne.

The Femeconomy is an Australian business founded by Jade and Alanna. It is educating consumers about the power of their purse and promoting women in business and leadership.

Jade and Allana know that money talks. They see that “if women start channelling their collective power towards brands that have women in leadership, we will impact bottom lines, leading to more women in leadership to advance gender equality”. They call this the ‘Femeconomy Effect’.

In addition to a directory listing brands which are 50 per cent or more owned by women, or with a board membership that includes at least 30 per cent women on the board of directors, Femeconomy is promoting women leaders and starting important conversations that educate and inspire.

Their recently released Female Leader Conversations Ebook includes conversations with female leaders across the country, speaking on business, community, diversity and more.

You only need to read the introduction webpage to see the calibre of conversations, it says: Natasha Exelby has experienced war. Maree McPherson helps our regional sisters shatter grass ceilings. Sharon Kinchela and Chris Figg are advancing our collective understanding of Australia’s rich Aboriginal heritage. Div Pillay is helping women from culturally diverse backgrounds to progress. Anna Mitsios and Kristy Chong are disrupting retail by creating a more sustainable world that is better for our collective health. Trina Hockley and Annette Kimmitt champion women, supporting other women to leadership. Lutfiye Tahseen shares how and why she completed three degrees whilst having children. Sheena Ireland gives us important insights on how to work with Government. Deanna Varga provides practical advice on how to gain a Board Directorship position.

Yes, that Sheena Ireland is me, and I am proud to be in this ebook starting conversations and spreading the message of the Femeconomy far and wide.

So schedule some time to read Female Leader Conversations and also to learn about your favourite brands. You hold extreme power with your consumer dollar and if you want to change the world, the power is in your wallet (or in your tap and go action). Be it equality, sustainability, ethical supply, local manufacturing and the success of your local economy, your purchase makes a difference. 

Check out the ebook here: