Budget 2017 - In their own words

Wednesday 10 May 2017
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Last night Treasurer Scott Morrison handed down the Federal Budget. The immediate response was that this was an effort to reclaim the middle ground in Australian politics.


Typically, the first budget after an election is the time to implement policies and programs that appeal to the ideology of the ruling party. When the 2016 election delivered victory to the Coalition with the barest of margins, there became a real need for the Government to broaden its appeal and show a little more heart. As part of this shift the zombie measures and general tone of the 2014 budget are, to quote, “dead, buried and cremated.”



Here's what the key players had to say, in their own words:


“"There is clearly the potential for better days ahead,"

           - Treasurer Scott Morrison’s Budget speech.



“Could you be the first Liberal Treasurer in history to deliver a Labor budget? 

           - Leigh Sales to Treasurer Scott Morrison on ABC 7.30



“If it was a Labor budget you’d have $16.8 billion higher deficit.

           - Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on ABC RN Breakfast



“This budget is about protecting one man’s job.”

           - Opposition Leader Bill Shorten on Today



"While it's better to be ignored than attacked, Canberrans have every right to feel short changed by the Liberals," 

           - ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr



"The banks can do more to support the job of budget repair, given we have got a $13.5 billion bill from the Senate."

           - Scott Morrison via the Australian Financial Review




“In the end, it’s likely that Australians will bear the cost”

           - Anna Bligh, CEO of the Australian Bankers' Association, on the $6.2 billion bank levy



"Overall I think the budget is pretty good"

           - Jennifer Westacott, CEO of Business Council of Australia, on ABC News



““It’s time the government invested in jobs and unemployed people instead of penalising people for poverty.”

           - Dr Cassandra Goldie, CEO of the Australian Council of Social Services



“The lesson is ‘Don’t do drugs’ “

           - Malcolm Turnbull on ABC RN Breakfast



There will be plent ymore analysis over the coming days, but the overall feeling seems to be one of success for the Government. Could this be the turning point for a Prime Minister whose party has trailled in 11 consecutive Newspolls?