Atlassian to teach CeBIT a thing or two

Tuesday 17 April 2018
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The Shaker

Arguably Australia’s most successful technology business, Atlassian, will be a spotlight feature at CeBIT Australia 2018 when the company presents the Atlassian Code Lab on the showfloor.

The Atlassian Code Lab will be run by Atlassian experts during CeBIT Australia 2018  on Tuesday 15 to Thursday 17 May, where attendees will be able to learn the basics of coding, working from Google's CS-First curriculum, which uses the block coding language Scratch to conditional statements, loops and events.

The Code Lab will be open for all attendees and classes are designed for participants with limited coding experience.

Additionally, in an exclusive event for CeBIT Australia 2018 attendees, Mike Cannon-Brookes, Atlassian Co-Founder and Co-CEO, will lead a VIP ‘how to code’ class. A limited number of attendees at CeBIT Australia 2018 will have the chance to learn from Australia’s ‘tech master’ himself.

One of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs, Mike Cannon-Brookes is a fierce advocate for a greater emphasis on STEM education in our nation’s schools.

“Technology is already the biggest industry in the world, and if we want to maintain and grow our slice of that pie we need to increase investment in STEM education at all levels,” Mr Cannon-Brookes said.

“Every single company is becoming - or already is - a software company. Which means more and more jobs are becoming technology jobs. We need more graduates with technology skills in almost every discipline, from computer science to medicine, to help us become a leading innovation nation.”

According to a recent study by Deloitte, by the year 2030, Australian workers will spend 77 per cent more time using science and mathematical skills.

A volunteer initiative of the Atlassian employees, which is focused on teaching students aged 8-12 (and teachers!) the basics of code using Google CS First, sees staff currently visit schools across NSW as part of a program called Comp Sci Kids.

The Atlassian Code Lab classes will each be 1-hour long, on the show floor at CeBIT Australia 2018. Coding class allocations will be available for attendees who register before 1 May 2018.

CeBIT Australia, the largest and longest running business technology conference in the Asia Pacific, will take place at the International Convention Centre Sydney, Darling Harbour.