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Wednesday 6 September 2017
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When in doubt, ask the expert


If you type into Google ‘what should I eat?’ you can get a wealth of advice about giving up this, eating that, combining this - It's confusing! And while most who advise are well meaning, without knowing your history, your lifestyle and what medicines you are taking, those articles on the web can be misleading and even dangerous.


If you need legal advice you get a lawyer. If you need financial advice you see a finance professional, if you want diet advice you really should see an expert!


This is a key message from Dr Libby Weaver, a nutritional biochemist and Australian author and speaker.


After studying nutrition and biochemistry for 14 years, Dr Libby is well placed to advise on health, diet and wellbeing, but she will only advise you specifically if she can have a conversation with you. Her advice is then tailored to your needs. And that's why she is highly regarded as a voice of authority and someone who can help people improve their lives — not just for a few weeks, but for life.


I learned long ago the damage of obsessing over what food can do to your body and your mental health. After a long road to recovery, I have learned to let fads pass by and I simply listen to the experts I visit and the happenings of my body, and I use this combination to become educated on what is right for me — as a unique individual.


At the University of Canberra on Tuesday, Dr Libby gave a lecture that many should see. A real, honest and educated account of how we should break-free of food fads and looking on Google to find what we should eat, and start educating ourselves about facts and about our own bodies.


I found myself nodding vigorously throughout the lecture and looking broader than food. Why, in an age where we are more educated than ever, are we satisfied with taking the word of anyone on the web, rather than the experts who have been educated in their field, who have researched and worked hard to get the evidence-based knowledge they have.


In my communications business, I continuously speak about how everyone and every business is unique. I say this at every presentation I give to remind people to stop trying to find a single, one-size-fits all solution and instead, get expert knowledge, research yourself and/or your audience and get tailored expertise to gain results.


We don't need the one-size-fits all that every internet marketer is telling us we need, we need to embrace our uniqueness and look to experts to help us be the best we can be. For our health, for our lives and for our businesses.


And while I’m speaking about experts, look around your local community. The answer doesn't have to come from online, your local businesses have experts who can help you and meet with you in the flesh to gain real insights and provide personalised service.


And while artificial intelligence is rapidly making its way into our lives, look for apps and AI based solutions that have been created by experts, so the knowledge input is evidence backed. These AI solutions are usually coupled with real-person advisory services, which can also help you interpret results and know how to apply the advice to you.


So, go to Google and clear that ‘what should I’ search and search for a local expert instead. And, now, go and use the energy you've saved trying to find an answer on the web that solves all your problems to go for a walk, laugh with friends and family or simply go to bed early.


Or first, let us know about how visiting an expert has helped you improve your life or your business.