All of a sudden there is a new Netflix

Nic Crowther
Tue 16 Jun

After years of having to adjust DNS settings (or finding someone who knows how to do break the geocoding to access US content), we've finally got Netflix in Australia. The good news is that as homes across the country settle in for another bout of binge-watching, change is in the air.

Don’t worry. Existing subscribers have little to worry about.




As of Monday night, the global streaming giant – responsible for over a third of all web traffic in the United States – announce a new interface. The first overhaul in four years, the new layout takes advantage of the rich media content the company provides, while removing some of the annoying little glitches that Australian’s have only just managed to work around.



Given the widespread use of Netflix on mobile and tablets, the whole look has been reimagined to feel like an ‘app’. Content is displayed inline, and users can click or swipe their way through with enhanced preview screens.

It just looks a lot cleaner and easier to use, and will probably make life much easier when slumped in bed/on the couch/stealing wi-fi from your café.  It’ll take about two weeks for the new look to roll out globally, so keep an eye out for the change.