A.C.T grant funding now open!

Ramesha Perera
Mon 07 Jan

A new year means new opportunities, and nothing opens doors faster than money! So if you're looking for financial support to kick start your 2019 check out the below options to help your business get to the next level.


The Innovation Connect Grant - closing 30 March 2019

The Innovation Connect grant program is designed to help Canberra-based businesses develop innovative products and services. If your business is in the early stages of preparing an innovative product or service for investment or commercialisation, then Innovation Connect may be able to help you get to the next step. Innovation Connect is a matched-funding competitive grant program that provides support for smaller, technology focused start-ups and entrepreneurs to accelerate viable, innovative ideas along the commercialisation pathway. Innovation Connect provides competitive grants of between $10,000 to $30,000 for proving your concept (e.g. developing a prototype or market testing your solution).

For more information on the program, including how to apply, please visit Canberra Innovation Network - Innovation Connect.


SME Growth Program

The SME Growth Program is an ACT Government initiative aimed at driving small business growth and competitiveness. It will provide skilled support for business improvement and promoting opportunities and innovation through collaborative opportunities, connections with research institutions and developing and commercialising new ideas. The program is delivered on behalf of the ACT Government by the CBR Innovation Network (CBRIN).


ACT-based Venture Capital Programs

ANU Connect Ventures manages two funds: the Discovery Translation Fund and the Seed Investment Fund. Both funds have been established with the support of the ACT Government to invest in promising commercial opportunities arising out of the ANU research, other ACT-based research institutions and local R&D companies.

Discovery Translation Fund
ANU Connects Ventures manages the Discovery Translation Fund (DTF) - an initiative of the ACT Government and the Australian National University (ANU) that sponsors proof-of-concept research. It aims to assist with the commercialisation of new innovations and technologies originating from Canberra.

Grants for the DTF typically range from $25,000 to $50,000. They do not require matched funding and are non-repayable. Expressions of Interest for the DTF are accepted on a continual basis. To find out more information visit ANU Connect’s Discovery Translation Fund page

Seed Investment Fund
The Seed Investment Fund is managed by ANU Connect Ventures on behalf of the ANU-MTAA Super Venture Capital Partnership. The aim of the fund is to invest in early-stage commercial opportunities developed out of research at the ANU, other ACT-based research institutions and local R&D companies.

Funding of up to $500,000 per enterprise will be considered. Recipients of seed investment from ANU Connect Ventures will also be eligible for follow-on funding from an ANU/MTAA co-investment program. Expressions of Interest for the Seed Investment Fund are accepted on a continual basis. To find out more information visit ANU Connect’s Seed Investment Fund page.


Australian Government Venture Capital Programs

Venture Capital Funds
The Australian Government maintains lists of the venture capital funds involved with their venture capital programs. These include their Venture Capital Limited Partnership program and Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnership program. Venture capital funds on these lists can be contacted directly. To view a copy of these lists visit Business.gov.au's Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnership page or Business.gov.au's Venture Capital Limited Partnership page

Landing Pads
Austrade's Landing Pads program gives market-ready Australian start-ups access to innovation hubs around the world and provides the opportunity to explore in-market investment. To find out more information visit Australia Unlimited's Landing Pads page.

Capital Angels
Capital Angels is a private investor network that provides an opportunity for investors to support entrepreneurs from Canberra and the region. Capital Angels invest in companies with the potential for high growth, a strong market position and a sustainable advantage. The members of Capital Angels make individual investment decisions based on their own assessments of the opportunity presented through their regular, formal meetings with potential companies and entrepreneurs. Typically members will look for situations where the capital sought (up to approximately $1 million) will take the company to the next level and increase the company’s value. To find out more information visit the Capital Angels website.


Screen Production Fund

The Screen Production Fund co-funds the production of high quality feature films, television series and other screen projects from ACT or interstate practitioners undertaken in the ACT; that have significant Canberra elements and benefit; and are capable of reaching local and international audiences and delivering commercial success. Projects are required to have finance partners and market commitment (e.g. broadcasting licence, presale, distribution guarantee or advance from reputable companies) in place before seeking ACT Government funding.  Projects that have already commenced production are generally not eligible to apply for funding – except where such projects demonstrate significant levels of marketplace support and other funding in place and/or significant achievement in the project’s creative elements to date. 

The ACT Government co-funds projects with other financing partners with the expectation that the ACT contribution will trigger additional expenditure in the ACT. Funded amounts are guided by the ACT spend, with every $1 provided expected to trigger at least $4 in ACT expenditure. To find out more information visit the Business.gov.au's Screen Production Fund Guidelines page. 


Nothing quite right here to meet your needs? There are a range of other programs that may be relevant to support your business.