ACT Government aims to return Boomanulla Oval to past glory.

Wednesday 2 March 2016
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Indigenous communities and enterprise has been given a fantastic opportunity to show its stuff as the ACT Government launches the tender process for renewal of Boomanulla Oval in Narrabundah.



The Oval has been an intrinsic destination for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in Canberra, and the cultural hub has been greatly missed since closing its doors in December 2014.

Through the EOI process the ACT Government is looking to identify a new management organisation to ensure the prosperity of the oval, and return Boomanulla to its former glory as a facility that the community can use for a range of activities.



In a joint release from ACT Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs Chris Bourke and ACT Minister for Sport and Recreation Yvette Berry, the path forward was set out for those interested in taking on the community project:

Bookman Oval is much-loved and widely used by our Indigenous sporting teams and athletes as a place to train and play, as well as by the broader community for cultural activities and education and training opportunities.

We want to hear from organisations that are committed to engaging with the Indigenous community to preserve their connections to the site, and to ensure that Bookman reaches its full potential to meet the needs of the community.



Any Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations or service providers that believe they have the experience, capability and the potential to play a role in the revitalisation and reopening of Boomanulla Oval are encouraged to submit an Expression of Interest by 14 April 2016.

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