5 minutes with Bec Judd

Luke Keioskie
Wed 18 Apr

Ahead of Business Chicks hosting the inspirational Bec Judd for a special evening of rose, canapés and conversation, the TV and radio personality revealed a few of the things she’ll be talking about…

What’s your career highlight?
I have a few! Graduating from University and landing the plum role of Speech Pathologist on the Trauma ward at The Alfred hospital. Being chosen to host Channel 9's Postcards, a job I still hold and love to this day. Landing the role of radio co-host on the 3PM Pick-Up on KIIS and of course, publishing my first book!
What excites you most about your new book, The Baby Bible?
Being able to share my experiences and the fantastic advice I've been given over my reproductive journey with a wider audience. I hope I can help every new mum in some way, whether that be a sleep routine, a confidence boost, an amazing choc chip cookie recipe, a nursery styling tip or some breastfeeding and labour tips. I think there will be something in The Baby Bible for every new and expecting parent.
Parenting is so hard, can you share a moment where your wheels have completely fallen off?
 Oh, I'm the mum who's always forgetting the library books or the spelling test or my kids have the wrong uniform on etc! I'm the mum who volunteers to help out on school excursions and then forgets to turn up. That's actually happened twice!
What’s the best career advice you’ve ever been given?
The best career advice I've been given is just the basics really; be prepared, turn up on time (the early is better); and be kind.
And the worst?
Any publicity is good publicity. Not true! I mean, does anyone actually believe that?!

Meet Bec Judd is at The Westin on Monday 30 April.  For more information and tickets click here.