5 business tools from iOS11

Nic Crowther
Tue 06 Jun

IOS11 is on the way, and Apple promises an iteration of its mobile phone software that is deeply integrated into your life.

Here are five things we think you’ll use for business when the update comes to all Apple devices in September.



1. Apple Payments in Messages

Perfect for small business and traders (or splitting the bill at lunch), you can bill a customer for a service simply by sending a text message. Payees can process the payment immediately simply by conforming their identity with a thumbprint.



2. Translations

Siri has a whole new swathe of treats, but one of the best will be the ability to translate directly though the voice input. Simply ask something like, ”How do I ask for the toilet in Chinese?” and the correct response will be provided in both audio and written formats.



3. Airport Navigations

Finally, the layout of many of the world’s major airports are included in Maps. This will make it much easier to find your way to those hidden lounges,



4. DND Driving

We’re all tempted to answer a call or message while on the road, but it’s as illegal as it is dangerous. Perfect for when dashing from meeting to meeting, the software will now understand when you are driving and offer the chance to cancel all notifications until you complete the journey.



5. Turning the iPad into a business tool.

This is a segment in downturn for Apple- and they are facing serious competition from Microsoft’s Surface. With a new dock, and enhanced multi-tasking, iOS will bring the mobile experience even closer to what you can achieve on desktop.



…and one more thing

Yesterday’s keynote showed that Apple is doubling down on augmented reality (AR). What this will mean for the future remains to be seen, however there are a bunch of new APIs designed to promote use of the technology, and there is every indication that the camera in this year’s iPhone is designed around bringing this tech to the fore.

Get all the details at the WWDC microsite