20 Business Trends for 2020

Image of woman on future board
Jordan P. Martin
Tue 03 Dec


You’ll read a million of these online articles around the birth of #2020 – so I’ll be kind with this snappy list of trends this coming year ... in no particular order ... so read them all!

#1 Mindfulness – Not exactly the same as meditation – it just means to be aware of your actions before and as you do them – consider what you are doing at all times! More #mindfulness apps will be integrated into the working world. 

#2 Sustainability – Across fashion, across lifestyle, and across business – if it’s green and eco then it’s worth a try. #Reuse and #Recycle everything except ideas.

#3 Plastic-free – In support of #sustainability – introduce into your business one thing each month to reduce your single-use plastic.

#4 Grow 50 Shades of Grey Gracefully! – Allow your grey hair to shine like little stars of wisdom – this has been a #hairtrend for a few years in style capitals such as London and New York, so it’s about time we caught on here in Aus – even those not naturally grey are dying it that way.

#5 Self Publish – We’ve all got a book in us! If you’ve got industry expertise to share – just jot it all down, get it edited and #selfpublish for the world to read and learn from. 

#6 Deactivate Insta – Yeah, this trend has already begun – have a break from your Instagram newsfeed and just keep those #stories regular – they’ll have more impact in 2020.

#7 Runway to Office Wear – Choose a touch of #neon, block colour with other bold colours, and polka dots are back. Wear statement bright shoes paired with neutral two-piece suits – yes that is for all genders alike. 

#8 A.I. – It’s likely that more Artificial Intelligence will be leaping literally into our businesses – improving customer experience and taking over the world (I but jest – because #AI will never replace personal customer service – not ever!).

#9 E-commerce – It has been a steady climb for shopping online over the years – but with all the retail options available combined with generally good delivery services – this will be the #shoppingtherapy of choice for most.

#10 Virtual Piggy Banks – A controversial subject amongst many – but there will be a rise in those investing in #digitalcurrencies – they just may not shout about it. 

#11 Get Personal – We’ve gone full circle with #communication – so it’s important to call and email stakeholders directly – so don’t just send out a bulk social media message or a generic newsletter.

#12 Reviews – Word of mouth can still work online and is the strongest way to promote your business – services and products – so get your clients to leave #reviews on your socials and on search engines.

#13 Pass Me the Remote – More people are going to be working remotely with flexible hours – so exciting, considering I’ve been doing this for well over a decade – remember to keep any of your #remote contractors or employees in the loop of communication and have scheduled face-to-face meet-ups even if that’s just via Skype.

#14 Gigging – Along with remote workers, will be businesspeople contracting projects out in the rising #gigeconomy – This is a great way to get niche experts involved to keep things fresh, and work according to individual project budgets.

#15 Big for the Small – Another controversial subject – but small businesses are likely to have access to #bigdata based on programmes created for niche industry.

#16 From ‘Let’s Booze’ to Less Booze! – Booze and business? I’m referring to the parties and team-building events – In 2020, these will be less about bubbles in your glass and more about #experiences such as Escape Rooms, or hiking, or even camping trips – with perhaps a beer or two after the tents have been erected. 

#17 The Culture Club – Being #cultureconscious isn’t just about scheduling those festive get-togethers – it is looking at the day-to-day working lives and environment of the people in your business – and this is going to be many businesses focus in 2020.

#18 Mentor – Assigning #mentors within a business has been popular in previous years’ trends, and usually reserved for those in new roles; but more business leaders are going to be seeking mentors external from their industry to support their more structured industry-specific training and to improve their internal working culture.

#19 Training – Businesspeople globally will understand that #training in all areas of our lives is important – so doing that continual professional development course is one thing, but also add that yoga retreat to your year plans, start a regular new hobby that expands the mind too. If you have staff, maybe introduce something into the working schedule that expands everyone’s skillset?

#20 High-five – In 2020, our download speeds will be faster and more Internet possibilities will be at our fingertips in seconds thanks to the launch of #5G ... (Although my sources inform me there are still some things needed to be ironed out with the whole 5G Trend – probably won’t be much different from 4G initially – only time shall tell).


By J P Martin