How to buy a home with Emily Power

Wednesday 18 April 2018
12:30pm - 13:30pm

Skyrocketing house prices in many of our capital cities mean that home ownership in Australia is becoming unachievable for many of us. We’re at the point where smashed avo on toast has become a national joke, the Prime Minister thinks baby boomers should be ‘shelling out’ to help their kids enter the property market, and a viable solution other than waiting for the bubble to burst doesn’t seem to be forthcoming.

Enter Emily Power. Author, property commentator and editor of Domain magazine. You may know her from her viral column ‘I am 33 and my parents give me pocket money’. She’s since written a practical guide for preparing to enter the property market. In this Masterclass Online, she’ll cover her financial strategies and money-saving tips to help you edge that much closer to owning your own home. If you join us live, you’ll be able to ask questions, which Emily will answer at the end of the session. So if you want to own your home or know more about the property market, you can’t miss this one.
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